Success Stories

Grace Place

“I can’t say enough positive about working with NCP. I can call, email or text, and they help. President Steve Dawson came to Colorado and met with our building team, our trustees and attended our grand opening. He was proud of what we’ve done.” – Clay Peck

The Background: Grace Place in Berthoud, CO, has always had a clear vision for ministry. “We’re about building bridges to the community and extending hospitality to the family,” said
Pastor Clay Peck. For the first 19 years of its 20-year ministry (as of fall 2016), Grace Place was
located in a small building in downtown Berthoud. As the nondenominational congregation grew, it moved to three services and began using adjacent facilities for children’s ministries. Middle and high school students met two blocks away. Additionally, the congregation ran a
commercial restaurant as an outreach ministry in its cramped building. “Needless to say,” Pastor Peck said, “our setup was not convenient for visitors or families.”

Under Pastor Peck’s leadership, the congregation joined The Evangelical Covenant Church in
2014 after a five-year relationship-building process. “When we started our investigation of the
ECC, I had no idea we were going to find land and relocate, and I had no idea the ECC had a
lending arm,” Pastor Peck explained.

The NCP Solution: “Connecting with NCP was a wonderful surprise,” Pastor Peck said. “Steve
Dawson was our primary contact. He has the experience and mind of a banker, and he has the
heart and the faith of an evangelist.” Guided by the church’s mission, and in partnership with the congregation’s leadership, Steve and the NCP team put together a solid financial plan
around a strong capital campaign – with the congregation exceeding the giving goal – and
a significant loan for the new property purchase and facility construction. The financial plan
also included the sale of the church’s existing properties.Grace Place purchased 20 acres along the bypass around Berthoud, which carries more than 30,000 vehicles a day, and which faces the mountains on the other side. The new site includes space for all the church’s ministries and activities, as well as the re-opened Trailhead Café, which attracts people from all around the region. “This is a place where people start journeys, including spiritual journeys,” Pastor Peck said. “NCP understood a church like ours, that’s externally focused and that wants to be creative in reaching the unchurched.”