You invest. We lend. Ministry grows.

As the Evangelical Covenant Church’s loan source and short-term investment arm, National Covenant Properties drives your ministry like no other. Here, you make a difference in growing God’s Kingdom. By investing through your congregation in Minnesota, for example, you can help build a church in Colorado, or expand a camp in California. We make connections across the Covenant and weave individual investments into a fabric of collective ministry.

Who We Have Partnered With

What Others are Saying About NCP

“NCP gives us the ability to get a fair return and peace of mind that our funds were invested properly, plus the joy of knowing our money is being invested in a good way in churches and programs.”

Jon Roen
NCP investor

“Because NCP is part of the Covenant family, we know they’re for us and they’re going to do everything they can to work with us for our loan and everything that comes with owning a building. If we have issues or big questions, they’re on the phone with us or fly out to meet us. They want to see us succeed and do good ministry. Knowing that we have the financial support, coupled with the spiritual support, is way beyond what any other lending institution would be willing to do.”

Pat Stark
Pastor and Church Loan Recipient