For pastors

As the leader of your local ministry, you play a key role in successfully helping your congregation move ministry forward. Whether your church is considering the purchase of property, a new facility, facility expansion or renovation, including financing options, capital fundraising and investments to kick off your project, construction planning and building, we recommend you talk with us about a few key steps to help you successfully navigate this journey:

  • Call us early in your dreaming and visioning so you maximize opportunities and avoid
    pitfalls. We are familiar with the legal and governmental processes you’ll be required
    to follow, and we understand the typical timelines and challenges of projects like yours.
  • Let us connect you with local and regional experts who know the ins and outs of facility
  • We can advise about your project team – who should be on it, what areas of expertise
    you need and what your process and timeline might look like.
  • We can give you the heads up about key milestones related to the project, investments
    from your congregation, a capital fund drive and steps toward securing a loan.

“Because NCP is part of the Covenant family, we know they’re for us and they’re going to do everything they can to work with us for our loan and everything that comes with owning a building. If we have issues or big questions, they’re on the phone with us or fly out to meet us. They want to see us succeed and do good ministry. Knowing that we have the financial support, coupled with the spiritual support, is way beyond what any other lending institution would be willing to do.”

– Pat Stark, pastor and church loan recipient