Success Stories

Fountain of Life Church

Location: Madison, WI

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, senior pastor of Fountain of Life Church (FOL) in Madison, WI. Fountain African American led multicultural ministry. When Pastor Gee was asked how he has seen God at work during the past year, he replied after a deep sigh, that Covid has hit the church hard because it impacted the employment of their demographic. The community disenfranchisement was paramount to mental health with no gatherings, no hugs, and social distancing due to their familial and relational worldview. He had to trust and preach that people would re-explore what it means to have community with FOL and what it means to have community with family in spite of a global pandemic. However, this broken system provided the playing field for all to do ministry as both their dedicated fringe members stepped up with donations of money, time, and resources to aid the community.

NCP was pleased to partner with FOL in the early stages of the Center for Black Excellence and Culture by providing funding to hire consultants to aid in the development of the Center for Black Excellence and Culture.

Pastor Gee expressed appreciation for NCP and Rob Hall, vice president of Real Estate Services, for this funding. In the future, people will come to one campus and see a church, non-profit and cultural center all being led by people of faith with a vision to make faith relevant for people who thought all Christians do is build churches, not community.

The goal of the center is to teach entrepreneurship by converting art, consulting or podcasting into a business. No other center in Madison is being built that focuses on those issues in the way the Center for Black Excellence and Culture will.

Pastor Gee said “Black Americans are witnessing being dignified by a fellow black person who happens to be a pastor.”

He ended our conversation by saying he feels like he was created for this and he loves that the Covenant and NCP celebrate it.

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