Ways We Can Help

Our experienced team provides no cost assistance to churches and organizations in all matters related to land and facility.

You’ve decided on a new building project, congratulations! We’re here to help ease the stresses that come with projects. Our coaches provide decades of experience and a wealth of resources to assist you in making the best decisions for your specific project. Our goal is help your mission grow and that comes with customized coaching and individual attention.

When You’re Considering a Project We’ll Help:

  • Provide you with perspective and experience so you can make the best facility-related decisions for your unique situation.
  • Evaluate options and even your target area with you to assess the opportunities.
  • Provide an evaluation of your current facility, helping you identify opportunities for improvement within your own facility.
  • Review lease agreements and purchase contracts, or even help negotiate these contracts on your behalf.

We strive for clear and open communication throughout the project. When in doubt, contact Rob or Rollie.